K1 Live Unusual

As a specialist service, we live post pictures from events whereby event attendees can easily follow a link provided to them on their table or/and screen and immerse themselves more in the event. This acts as fillers for the downtime in events and provides for a more memorable experience.We posted live Pictures from the k1 Live Unusual featuring the king of Fuji, Kwam 1, along with other top Nigerian Celebrities at Eko Hotel, Lagos, Nigeria. As the event name implies, it indeed was an unusual event for the attendees. Seated attendees could see what was going on in the red carpet. The incoming attendees could see live carpet pictures of the celebrities already on ground. Attendees could see their own pictures while still at the event.The result was an increase buzz and hype for the event. Attendees could not stop talking about it. Organizers were happy with the virality and memorability it added to the event.