Choosing Photographers in Nigeria

In Nigeria today, it’s safe to say photography has evolved. Now we have photographers with mastery in different fields ranging from wedding and lifestyle photography, event photography, street photography, to even nature photography and so much more. There are so many photographers in Nigeria that locating a photographer isn’t the problem anymore more, the major hassle becomes locating the right photographer.

Before selecting a photographer for your project, there are certain factors you must first put into consideration. Some of which are:

Your photography need

The photographer you pick needs to be specifically tailored to your photography needs. Like there are separate doctors for the teeth and heart that is the same way there are photographers who specialize in different fields.

You can start by asking yourself the following questions:

  • What do I require a photographer for?
  • Which type of photographer will best suit my photography needs?

Your budget

This is practically the most important factor when making your decision on the photographer to hire. You have to put into account the amount you are willing to invest on your project. As different photographers have different rates, it is pertinent to have your own budget in mind while searching for a photographer. Furthermore, your budget may influence the hours of photography coverage you want, the type of equipment to be used, and the number of personnel on the photography team that will be dedicated to your project.

The type of experience you want

Each photographer comes with a different experience in photography or in particular fields in photography you may be interested in. Photographers with more years of experience usually have more expertise than those without. They are more sort after and have their name already known in the industry. Hence, usually, the more experienced a photographer is, the more the investment required to hire them for a project. You will have to ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do I need a photographer with years of experience for my project?
  • Will a photographer with minimal experience and expertise still be able to handle my project?


A photographer’s portfolio details their past jobs. It contains images or albums of past jobs, clients, and date of project. Top photographers in Nigeria usually have deeper portfolios than the average photographer.

  • Is their portfolio relevant to my specific project?
  • Have they done similar projects before?

You can get a Nigerian photographers portfolio on their website or web properties they have their images hosted on online. If you do not find any and are still interested in working with them, you can request for a portfolio via email or a telephone call.

Company information

A photographer’s business information like official business name, years of experience, physical or studio location, and past clients can give valuable insight as to their level of professionalism and industry experience. You are entitled to this information and should not be afraid to ask. This information are sometimes available on their website in the “about us” page, business directories they are on or other web properties they possess.


Reviews like testimonials offer an insight into previous experiences of their past clients. They can be easily found on the photographer’s website. For more credible testimonials, you can check their business reviews on third-party business directories they have no control over. Good reviews generally mean the business is in good standing with others and they can replicate such performance on your project.

Putting the above factors into consideration will help you choose the appropriate photographer that’ll best suit your photography need. You must be thinking:

Who is the best photographer in Nigeria? – Events pro photography is a solid contender.

What experience do you have in choosing the right photographer?

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