About Event Photography

All one ought to know about Event photography

Learn about event photography and learn how to employ the service of one of our professional event photographers. If you still have questions afterwards, you can reach us on our contact page.

What is event photography?

Event photography is a specialized aspect of photography that focuses on photographing activities related to events. This art involves covering an event requiring the gathering of two or more people before the event, during the event, and after the event.

Will a professional photographer be needed for my event?

It is a widespread delusion that just any regular photographer with a modest camera can be a photographer for an event. An event photographer has detailed knowledge as to how to take spectacular pictures in all potential situations. Adapting your white balance for the room’s colour temperature.

Using flash and making sure it is the appropriate one when needed. Checking for projected pictures in your photos. Timing your shots and stooping intermittently to avoid disturbing the event.

Do any of these make sense to you? Well, that’s why event professionals employ the service of professional event photographers. Our photographers have years worth of experience in these scenarios at different types of events you can think of.

Do I need a professional event photographer when my friend has an excellent camera?

So you are fortunate to have a pal or a family member that can take spectacular pictures with auto functions. This may be a good thing. You just have to prepare your mind and know that you are taking a gamble regarding having your special event photographed correctly.

Also be wary of those that are eager to handle your event’s photography at no cost. It could indicate they’re not qualified adequately to request payment for their work. Superb memories are invaluable and consequently so is superb event photography. You shouldn’t panic, we will give a nice offer.

How can I make pick a photographer from the several available to me?

A good place to begin is by checking their event portfolio. Do you like their photographs? Do you like their style? There are several approaches to photographing the same thing so it will be dependent on your taste. You should be wary of these flags when checking their entire portfolio:

  1. Their portfolio is made up of only a couple of events. It may signify that they do not have enough experience.
  2. There are unattractive images of their subjects as a result of the photographs being captured in the wrong instance. It may repeat itself at your event. They may not have the right eye in ceasing the right moments.
  3. They have badly exposed photographs. This is as a result of a failure in utilizing their cam effectively.

Conclusively, you should ensure your photographer’s style is ageless. This means that their photographs, even in decades to come will still be able to be as spectacular as they looked the first time.

Which event types do you cover?

Our Photographers cover a large variety of events.  You can view them all below.

Corporate events.
Private parties.
Sport events.
School events.
After dinner speaking.
Black Tie events.

Charity events.
Behind the scenes on film sets.
Theatre productions.
Dinner dances.
Corporate away days.
Celebrations of every kind.
Surprise parties.
Exhibitions and gallery openings.
Product launches.

Award ceremonies.
PR events.
Formal dinner and dance photography.
Golf days.
Film premieres.
Graduation balls.
Ladies events.
Press event

Birthday party photography.
Prize givings.
Social events.
Fashion week parties.
Fashion shows.
TV and Film production.
Hospitality event.
Media event.

Of all the events we cover, which are almost all, we unfortunately do not cover Wedding Photography.  If you are looking for professional wedding photographers in Nigeria, you can check out our sister agency Bride and Groom Photography.

Do you perform a reconnaissance of the event’s location?

We only do this when our clients believe it is totally necessary. It should be noted that a professional event photographer should be able to work in whatsoever light condition. Also he/she must be capable of scouting your event location minutes to the event and be able to figure out the greatest way to capture the event.

Nevertheless, in really big events needing above a photographer, we’ll perform a reconnaissance.

How do i go about reserving your service for my event?

We can be contacted by mail or by direct phone call and inform us regarding your event totally. An event photographer with the right style and experience suiting your event will be chosen. We will then send you our booking form. This form will allow us get all the required event information so as to select the perfect photographer for your special event.

We get vital information like the locations, the important people required to be photographed, and the right timings. On receipt of the complete form, an event photographer will be selected and assigned to your event would have been booked!

We will then make an invoice of the approved payment available to you.

How do we agree on charges?

Eventspro Photography charges are determined by the below:

  • The event’s type
  • The event’s length
  • The Photographer’s experience
  • The Photograph’s use after the event

We are always open to give you a great offer. There will always be someone to fit right in your budget as we have several junior photographers.

How soon will the event pictures be made available to you?

We pride ourselves with swift delivery. Our photographers make your images available to you as soon as possible so you can fleetingly relive the moments and make the images available to the media. We usually agree on deadlines to meet in advance.

You commonly have your event available on a password protected gallery on our website within days of the event. Payment is extra for immediate/on site delivery. We get all payments prior to submission of digital files however, you will be able to view your pictures online.

What’s the number of photographs I will receive?

The pictures that will be made available to you is dependent on your event’s length. You can however have an idea by the below:

Event lasting 2 hours: 125 – 215 pictures
Event lasting 4 hours: 230 – 449 pictures
Event lasting 8 hours: 500 – 750 pictures

We favour quality over quantity however we’ll always work to your requirements.

 Are your Pictures enhanced or retouched in any way?

We dedicate an amount of time on working on pictures to make sure they are flawless. However, we do not work on each and every photo as some photos are perfect as they are and require no further editing.

If you require all your pictures edited however, we may consider this and include in the pricing. When pictures are needed immediately for the media or press, we edit the pictures but do not retouch them.

 For my event pictures, will I have Copyright to them?

All photographers have the copyright to their pictures. You will be charged on how you intend the pictures. This will be added to your fee. For Private Parties and Events, you will have unrestricted worldwide use. Digital files will be made available to you to be used anyhow you want.
In the case of corporate and PR events, the use of the pictures will be discussed and the fee agreed upon before booking. There is always an opportunity to buy out this copyright entirely.

Will I have an online gallery that can be made available to my associates, friends and family?

Yes, you will be provided with a personalized password-protected gallery link that will have all your photographs that can be shared.

How long will the pictures be available online?

All event pictures remain online. We also back them up on our hard drives so that in situations whereby you lose your gallery link or CD, we’ll always have copies to provide you with at all times.

Do i get a CD? How many can i get?

Yes, you do. You also can have as many copies as you like.

Can i get another CD if i lose my images?

Sure, you can.

Do we pay for Travel Expenses?

Eventspro Photography charges travel fees for events outside Lagos, Nigeria. We also require a taxi fee for events within Lagos that end after 12pm. This is to ensure our photographers return home safe and sound. It’s not secure because of the costly camera gear the photographer will be with that late at night.